High Flying Drone Adventure

Practise your coding in our high flying drone adventure!

Kids will love learning how to program drones to fly, create aerial shapes, navigate obstacles, pick up and drop objects in various fun challenges! Our missions include drone surveillance on an “important” target, rescue the scientist and participate in a secret mission.

Drones are revolutionising business and industry: engineers use drone technology for site surveys, filmmakers capture images that would otherwise be unseen, drones are used in agriculture; farming; conservation; military operations and parcel deliveries. The potential for the application of drones and the rapid growth in the technology is huge. Understanding how they work, their potential and how to control them through coding prepares children for the modern working world.

Drone programming course for primary and secondary school children

Primary and secondary school children across the greater Hampshire area can learn how to program and fly drones through creative challenges in this fun and educational class. Great for school workshops or after school computing clubs. We even offer an online version of this exciting course.

Learn STEM skills with drones

In computing, programming drones helps develop children’s skills in algorithms, programming and computational thinking as well as addressing the ‘controlling physical systems’ objectives of the National Curriculum. Using coding similar to Scratch or Blockly this entry level drone course requires no previous experience with drones or with coding.

Free drone is yours to keep in every course!

Included in the course fee is a drone for your child to use in each session, to take home and practise with and it’s theirs to keep at the end of the course.

Soft skills are as important as tech skills, and they are hard wired into our classes

  • Critical thinking and problem solving are developed as students explore solutions and debug their programs

  • Logical reasoning, as a key part of computational thinking, is central to our classes

  • Team work is encouraged through collaboration on team challenges

  • Communication improves social skills and builds self confidence

  • All of our sessions are fun and sociable for children of all ages

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Our High Flying Drone Adventure programmes are available in and around the following regions: Hampshire including Southampton, Winchester, New Forest, Stockbridge and the wider Solent area

Ages 8+
Duration OnlineWorkshops; After School Activities; In School Workshops; Holiday Camps
Integrates With National Curriculum & STEM

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