ComputerXplorers Academy - Bitterne

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Join us every week at ComputerXplorers Academy for a tech adventure like no other. Children from the age of 3 and up explore a huge range of technology expertly guided by our friendly tutors.

With fun sessions on everything from coding, robotics and physical computing to web design, creative 3D animation and digital arts there is something to spark every child’s creativity.

Our small groups encourage collaboration and problem-solving, celebrating each child’s achievement while building self-confidence. It’s the perfect way to prepare children for a technology-driven future.

Our passion for all things tech has already inspired thousands of children across the UK.

Sign up today and start an exciting tech adventure.

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ComputerXplorers Academy

The ComputerXplorers Academy provides specialist fun & educational age appropriate computing classes.

Date(s) Every Saturday from 24/04/2021
Saturday Mornings within various age group time slots.
Time 09:00 - 13:45
Venue Itchen College - Meet at Sports Centre Reception
Middle Road
SO19 7TB
Age 3-16
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ComputerXplorers Academy - BitterneComputerXplorers Academy - BitterneComputerXplorers Academy - Bitterne


Saturdays 9-9.45am
Across the programme MiniXplorers will explore a range of fun, age-appropriate technologies. They will be introduced to the basics of internet safety, programming, game design, movie making, robotics and more. Creativity, learning through discovery and social development are encouraged as our Minis start their technology-rich adventure.


Saturdays 10-11am
Across the programme JuniorXplorers will delve into the world of creative technologies. Discover what it takes to design, build and code their own computer games, mobile phone apps and animations and explore the amazing world of robotics. They will develop a solid understanding of the role technology plays in our everyday lives.


Saturdays 11.15am-12.15pm
Across the programme TechXplorers will build their knowledge of software, hardware and computing concepts. From creating animations and computer games to programming robots, they will deepen their understanding of technology and how we can use it to enhance our society in smart, safe and sustainable ways.


Saturdays 12.30-1.30pm
Throughout the programme ProXplorers will gain insight into industry practice as they use a wide variety of software and hardware enhancing their computing skills and confidence. They will be encouraged to work collaboratively to solve problems and discuss creative decisions and solutions.
ComputerXplorers Academy - Bitterne
ComputerXplorers Academy - Bitterne

Where can I find an Academy?

ComputerXplorers Academy Romsey takes place weekly at Mountbatten Secondary School, Romsey

ComputerXplorers Academy Bitterne takes place weekly at Itchen College, Bitterne

What’s the right group for my child?

It is most likely that your child will be best suited to the age range listed for each group. However, the age range is a guide only and we will work with you to identify the most suitable group for your child.
  • MiniXplorers: 3 to 6 years
  • JuniorXplorers: 7 to 9 years
  • TechXplorers: 10 to 13 years
  • ProXplorers: 14 to 16 years

Are your classes COVID-secure?

We carefully manage our groups to ensure that your children and our staff stay safe while having fun.
  • Social distancing rules are complied with - group numbers are reduced where necessary.
  • Keyboards, computers and mice are sanitised before and after each class.
  • Children are required to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving class.
  • Computers will not be shared during the pandemic.

What skills does my child need to join ComputerXplorers Academy?

We welcome children of all levels and abilities. No previous experience is needed in any of our groups.
It’s a chance to dig deeper into a favourite subject, discover a new passion or just try something new out of school.
Whether your child is a tech-lover, tech-curious or a complete beginner they will feel at home at ComputerXplorers Academy.

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